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We're Ace.

Ace Homes brings you fresh new thinking designed for today, from a team with over 20 years of history building new home communities. 

We started with a vision – to bring together the very best of current innovations in construction and design, and to back it all up with old-world craftsmanship. 


To accomplish this, we put together a team of people with a vision for the future, and experience from the past. People who understand what today’s families want in a new home. People who insist on only the finest quality tested products. People who ensure that every detail is finished with superior quality to build a home that each of us at Ace will be proud of.


Then we follow up with attentive customer service with the goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction. 


We choose the best locations in the neighborhoods where you want to live. We design homes that suit your personal sense of style, and give you the features that put more living in your life. We build each home without compromise.  


The result is a different kind of home. One that we hope, is perfect for you. 


Because you don’t just have a new home. You have an Ace. 


  • Bowmanville Townhomes

  • Townhouses in Bowmanville

  • luxurious Bowmanville town homes


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